So it seems I have been neglecting this page for quite some time. Well 2020 was a hell of a year and frankly I got disgusted, discouraged and towards the end disheartened………

A lot has happened in the past months and weeks and our nation is in danger…. Free speech is under attack and anyone with a dissenting voice is being silenced. Alternative Social Media platforms are attacked and shut down by our BIG TECH overlords.

Our government had been hijacked by those who call freedom loving people evil and true fascists the good guys. Groups that are actually terrorizing communities across this nation in the name of “Social Justice” are nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and the so called “ANTI-Fascists” (who are actually using fascists methods) are lauded as good…… I am sure the people of Portland would disagree…..

Some Proud young men are being labeled as Terrorists when for the most part they are quite peaceful compared to their ANTI FA counterparts.

Our military is being purged…. SJWs are taking over…

Our president as of this posting has signed more than 30 EOs….

Our elected representatives (not leaders) are passing multi TRILLION dollar stimulus packages that mainly stimulate their special intrests.

We have a social studies teacher (who is a white guy) drawing political cartoons insinuating that cretin elephants (that are being led by a black guy) are members of the raciest organization that has mostly died out and were Jackasses.

This very hosting platform is kicking people off for not having correct way of thinking and that don’t tow the approved line.

We have publishers refusing to print one of our times best selling authors because some of the employees are triggered and hate facts and truth. Get woke GO broke…..

I fear for our nations future as we go forward… Our nation is in the hands of a man with dementia and sever cognitive decline and the next in line is woman who slept her way to the top…. Who basically got NO votes in the primary and quit because she realized nobody was going to voter for her. Unfortunately she will be the 47th president probably sooner than later.

The “Peoples House” is still in the hands of an alcoholic grand ma who is almost as bad as the geriatric president. The other house is being run by a dood who thinks he is the protector of the US and Israel but his actions show he doesn’t like either one very much. The former leader of that house is a spinless turtle looking turd who has rolled over and is playing dead…..

Our capital is now an armed camp with fences (we were told don’t work) topped with razor wire protected with thousands of Guardsman from various states. So the “Peoples House” is now inaccessible by “WE THE PEOPLE”. So much for a redress of our grievances……

If you were/are a supporter of a cretin blond haired man with a tanning bed habit you are being labeled a “terrorist”. While real terrorist are being allowed to run free…

You a have 4th rate D list actor/comedian doxxing and endangering a woman because she dared speak out against her. The woke mob is now is threatening her and her family and her husband is afraid he will lose his job…. Who is the Fascist?

Isaiah 5:20 KJV

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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