GW rule #24, Watercress,

George Washington’s Rule #24

Do not laugh too loud or too much at any Public Spectacle.

Weed of the Week

Water Cress


Image source WildEdible

Government Revision of History Debunked By KrisAnn Hall

This is a great article by KrisAnn Hall discussing the misinformation that is put out in our public schools. Many times what is being taught is very inaccurate or just out right wrong. We are constantly told we are a Democracy when we are a Representative Republic. It is said time and time again by politicians, news readers and many others. It is just wrong. This article about “Government Revision of History Debunked” by KrisAnn Hall at is a great example. Please go there and read and support KrisAnn and JD!

Gearwhore’s Gear Closet

Piston ARs are something that I have always like the idea of, especially as a left handed shooter. The ejection port on a Gas Impingement gun likes to spew gas into the face of such a shooter. With a piston driven gun this isn’t an issue unless you are shooting suppressed. (INCOMPLETE)

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